Extract from the press release published in the AGEFI on 18th December, 2018 :

As of January 1, 2019, ILEX FiduTrust SA and Ilex Trustees SA will be taken over by FIGESTOR and will operate under the corporate names FIGILEX SA and FIGILEX Trustees SA. As the corporate cultures and business strategies of the two groups are very similar, the parties have agreed to make the continuity of customer service an absolute priority while seeking to benefit from the synergies that this alliance will provide to ensure the succession of Mr. Stoyanov and Mr. Nair in the future. The FIGESTOR group is therefore continuing its development and will now be able to count on some twenty experienced employees composed of lawyers, tax specialists, chartered accountants and trust officers, offering quality and personalized services to a high-end international clientele in terms of wealth planning and protection of assets. In a market neglected by many companies, FIGESTOR believes more than ever that there is still room for solid, honest and highly qualified players.

We are the trusted partners for private and corporate clients when it comes to protecting and administrating their wealth as well as facilitating their business.

Today’s world offers huge opportunities for wealth owners and creators but it also triggers major challenges such as economic and financial instability, regulations inflation, increased taxpayer’ scrutiny as well as erosion of the fundamental right to privacy, to name a few.

Building on deep roots of traditional values in today’s complex and fast changing world

In this fast changing environment, financial institutions, professional advisors and their international clients rely on us more than ever to find and implement solutions which meet with their current and future needs. Above all, we pride ourselves in being able to maintain a strong traditional business culture and to adapt swiftly to the severe changes affecting the financial industry. We also draw particular inspiration from our entrepreneurial clients who have succeeded in creating business opportunities in today’s complex and fast changing world.



Our invitation to YOU

This is our invitation to you to see what we can do within our fields of excellence and how we may assist you and your family.
We hope you will come to appreciate for yourself the qualities, which have allowed us to serve the interests of our clients on all five continents resulting in strong relationships that have stood the test of time.



Our mission statement

Protecting Wealth
Facilitating business
Transmitting assets

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