Our approach, your needs

Our approach in relation to advisory activities is rooted in a deep analysis of the client, his/her family, their wealth, particular environment, circumstances as well as their legal and fiscal context. We take the time to get to know our clients. We believe this is the only way we can really understand their circumstances and needs, not only what they wish. Listening and asking insightful questions is key to us.

We strive to work closely with you and your personal advisors to help design and implement bespoke, relevant and compliant solutions in order:

  • to structure private wealth and business activities in a thorough and compliant manner
  • to ensure that there is an efficient transfer of your estate to the next generations
  • to ensure that the family business carries on after your demise
  • to protect assets from spendthrifts and family dissensions
  • to define a family governance strategy and design its implementing tools (e.g. a family constitution)
  • to reduce security concerns if you or family members reside in a country subject to political, social or economic instability
  • to assist you or family members that are considering moving to a foreign country
  • to mitigate taxes when legally possible
  • to discharge the burden of owning and administering certain assets, for example, foreign properties,  valuable paintings, yachts, aircrafts, etc.
  • to retain legitimate privacy on the details of your wealth to the maximum extent permitted by law
  • to protect assets from unlimited liability, potential future legal claims or unforeseen circumstances

Once we understand your family’s needs and have identified the most suitable solution, we will implement the relevant fiduciary structure or other proper legal arrangements.

Our clients also have the ability to select their own professional legal, tax and financial advisors, or we can arrange introductions to leading experts in various countries.

Our mission statement

Protecting Wealth
Facilitating business
Transmitting assets

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