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As a company servicing a sophisticated client-base, requiring access to a variety of skills and expertise to overcome the challenges in today’s world and to meet the opportunities that our clients face, Figestor places a very high degree of emphasis on the quality and skill-set of its staff. Currently our team is composed of 15 professional staff representing various areas of expertise that include economists, lawyers, tax experts and certified accountants. We can serve clients in several languages such as French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German as well as Russian.

Our experts have longstanding relationships with an extensive network of international service providers in various countries. Even though our staff have well-rounded experience, they will never hesitate if necessary and with our client’s consent to call upon outside specialists.

In keeping with our belief in the importance of long standing relationships and continuity for our clients, we have a very low level of staff turnover something that we are very proud of. Most of the current team members have been more than 10 years with Figestor and even more than twenty years for some.

Mauro Bottiroli

Managing Director

Roland Aebischer, TEP

Director, Head of Legal and Wealth Planning

Kaloyan Stoyanov, TEP

Of Counsel, Legal & Tax

Raj Nair, FCA, TEP

Of Counsel, Chartered accountant

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Dir + 41 22 809 97 14

Lucy Blondin-Vu

Director, Head of Tax and Compliance

Philippe Raoul Polidura


Paul Scherrer

Assistant Manager, Lawyer

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Dir + 41 22 809 97 11

Nicolas Grandjean

Assistant Manager, Head of Accounting and Payrolling

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